Now available to fit all Oval dust collectors

HemiPleat® is the unique, patented technology we use to create highly efficient pleated filter media that outlasts and outperforms standard pleated media.

  • Longer filter life
  • Lower pressure drop
  • Less energy
  • Less compressed air

The HemiPleat design features synthetic beads that hold the pleats open. That means more media is exposed to the airstream so you get a longer-lasting, higher efficiency filter. You won't find comparable technology in competitive cartridges. Those standard cartridges are packed too tightly to properly utilize all the media. 

HemiPleat filters deliver a lower pressure drop and facilitate a better release of dust during pulse cleaning. Using less compressed air and lowering the energy demand of the fan motor will save you money. Available only in the United States. 



Upgrade your Oval filter performance now. Search by part number or manufacturer. Available only in the United States.

HemiPleat Oval - 2021

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Media Options:

  • HemiPleat Green HemiPleat Flame Retardant
  • HemiPleat eXtreme Green
  • HemiPleat eXtreme Synthetic
  • HemiPleat eXtreme Flame Retardant
  • HemiPleat eXtreme Flame Retardant Carbon
  • HemiPleat Flame Retardant
  • HemiPleat Flame Retardant Carbon
  • HemiPleat FR PTFE